Why Urbanized?

The urbanized vision is to operate in all major metropolitan cities that generate vast amounts of waste that can be repurposed into high quality and innovative consumer products. Urban areas we well known to have highly condensed amounts of waste which increases the health risk of the cities’ inhabitants. Urbanized will be all about living sustainably and in sync with nature. 

At which point in the process are the coffee grounds, flowers, and fruits recycled?

We collect the coffee grounds, flowers, and fruits that are still fresh, have already served its initial purpose, and are not mixed with any other materials.

What does it mean to repurpose?

Let us take coffee grounds as an example. Once they have been used for a delicious cup of coffee. The grounds are normally thrown away, even though they can be used in another life form. Therefore, we are giving coffee grounds another life purpose and bringing out your beauty in the form of an exfoliating soap.  

Why repurpose?

Businesses and people in general throw away tons and tons of consumed goods into the trash which end up in landfills. In turn, landfills are burned and emit Co2 and methane gas which gets trapped in our ozone layer and heats our planet. It is up to a company like ours to come up with solutions that will help make our world a better place!

How often can I use your soaps?

Our soaps are effective in removing dead skin cells, trust us! So to allow your skin to regenerate new skin cells, we recommend using this exfoliating soap every other day.

Any other questions, comments, or feedback?

Feel free to send us an email at hello@urbanized.com. We'd love to hear from you!