Surprising Truths About Your Morning Coffee

There's more to your morning cup of coffee than you may think! 

The rich aroma...the soothing taste...the jumpstart to your day. There's little that comes close to starting off your morning with a nice cup of hot coffee. But coffee isn't just about what's in your cup...Do you know the full story behind your coffee?

As you sip your cup of coffee, you generated about 2oz of coffee waste just this morning. To put this into global perspective, about 55 thousand tons of coffee grounds are generated daily as a byproduct of the preparation of coffee. 

55 thousand tons? That's the equivalent to the average weight of 7,300 elephants

So where do all of these coffee grounds end up?

Coffee ground waste disposal is more problematic for our planet than you might think. Most coffee grounds end up in the landfill, where they release greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, contributing to polluting the environment.

Due to the considerable amount of coffee consumed daily, the disposal of coffee grounds has a significant weight on our planet's carbon footprint. So how can we take care of this problem?

Our sustainable solution: Repurpose coffee grounds into soap!

Coffee naturally has abundant beneficial properties, specifically when it comes to skin care. Loaded with antioxidantsphenols, and other bioactive compounds, coffee grounds have a powerful capacity in preserving your skin's health. Studies suggest using coffee as a skin product protects against accelerated agingcellulite and inflammation

Coffee's valuable organic compounds create opportunities to repurpose used coffee grounds, enabling coffee's immense potential as both a cosmetic and a sustainable solution, beyond its delicious taste.

So, don't hesitate to expand your coffee routine beyond your morning latté! Join Urbanized in helping our planet, while taking care of your skin!