The Top Benefits of Exfoliating your Skin

With harsh rays of the sun in the summer, our skin is more prone to vulnerabilities from UV rays which can lead to skin damage from sunburns. Perhaps you skip exfoliating in general but with all those extra layers of sunscreen to excess sweat and oil production in the summer, gentle exfoliation is a must!  

Some of the benefits of exfoliating include:

  • Sheds dead and dull skin buildup

  • Prevents congestion and clogged pores

  • Improves better absorption from toners and moisturizers

  • Helps even out any skin discoloration

  • Leaves skin soft and brighter

  • Prevents blemishes by getting rid of dead skin cells

  • Stimulates production of new cells and collagen

 Not to blow our own horn but… our soaps are excellent exfoliants and leave your skin feeling smooth as a baby’s bottom. After all, we make our soaps with organic and vegan ingredients which tighten and soften your skin. (Read our blog on how we make our soap!)

Our handcrafted goodies slouch off dead skin cells and reveal fresh, radiant skin underneath. If you are looking for glowing, healthy skin, check out our handmade recycled handmade cocoa vanilla coffee soap and start exfoliating T.O.D.A.Y!

Ps. As far as how often you should exfoliate, most experts agree that two or three times a week is plenty. If your skin is (very) sensitive, you might prefer to do it less. Try our handcrafted bar with your next bath and let us know if you love it as much as we do : )