The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

It’s February 12th, you're catching up on your day with your girlfriend and suddenly she says,"I got you something special for you on Valentine’s Day." Yes, that Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

You freak out because, of course, you haven’t gotten her anything! You only have 48 hours to figure out a game plan. You call your friend for suggestions on what to do, but he is just as clueless. You then start to remember all the hints that she threw at you over the past couple of days and at the time seemed meaningless. One of the things you remember her saying is that she loves vanilla. Oh, yes and chocolate...that’s it!

Ok...ok...making progress here. You then recall that your friend challenged you to a FIFA 19 gaming tournament. No, that’s not it, think harder! Then you reckon how much she’s all into the eco-friendly stuff. After all, her favorite TV show is Planet Earth. And to no surprise, she’s really into skincare. She’s not a fan of most beauty companies because they test on animals, use palm oil, and use plastic packaging, so you remember that she once told you about a company that she follows on Instagram called Urba…something. You look through the Instagram accounts she follows and lo and behold, you find Urbanized Beauty! Turns out they have an exfoliating soap gift set that is perfect for this occasion. There are 3 soaps in the gift set. You plan on using one, but she doesn’t know that yet. Luckily your dad forgot that you have his Amazon Prime account and the 2 day free shipping, well...sort of free, saves the day! 

One thing down. Now you have to act fast and make a reservation as soon as possible because, oh no, too late, no spots left anywhere! You’ll have to cook yourself. How risky is that. That friend that you just called knows how to make the most awesome tacos. Not so romantic, but you know she loves tacos! And since your friend is, well, single and the best friend, he saves the day with his mouth watering tacos. 

It’s February 14th, yes...Valentine’s Day. You and your girlfriend finished the most delicious fish tacos that she thinks you made. (Score!) She then hands you a package and says, “here’s the gift I got you, love.” Your heart melts, and you think, “yes, she probably got me the FIFA 19 that I didn’t get for Christmas!”. You open it, and no way! She got you the same exfoliating soaps that you got her and think, “awesome, now I get to use all 3!”

We dedicate this story to all the love birds out there. Keep on loving.

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