Top Urbanized Resolutions for 2018

Okay... I get it. We are facing May, and it might be a little too late to make New Year's resolutions. However, after the winter we JUST had, most of us didn't have time to make resolutions! We were too busy keeping our hands warm.  I say let's kick 2018 in the butt, and get those goals for 2018 written down, even though it is may! Shall we?

1. Stop buying things you don't need.  

I know! For all of my hoarder friends out there who are reading this, put it down. You don't need to fill your closet with more shoes. Please don't buy any more black jeans, you have way too many! Take a deep breath and ask yourself: Do I need this? If the answer is YES, call me. If the answer is NO, let's grab ice-cream.  

2. Invest in experiences, not things  

That's right. Keep it simple. No need to spend your next paycheck on a brand new TV when you can book yourself a ticket to La Paz, Bolivia and experience a new culture + make new friends for a little less than the HD TV you want to buy. Also...give your friends the gift of experiences, not things. I mean, sure Kate might like that new Channel purse but wouldn't it be nicer to take her out to that vineyard on exit 10? Right? 

3. Invest in a good Yoga class

This is the year of YOGA. I said it, and I will say it over and over again. One day when you least expect it, you will be old. I know, it is hard to read those three letters. But believe me, if you get there, you will want to be a ripped senior citizen. You will want to have functioning knees and a strong core. You will want a strong spine and a healthy brain and soul. So - start investing in YOGA. TODAY.

4. Treat Yoself

This is the year to really, but I mean really treat yoself. Buy yourself that groupon to that Spa. Take yourself out to dinner at that fancy restaurant you've always wanted to try. Buy yourself skin products that have durability and are good for the environment, ahem: Urbanized soaps, anyone? But really. Get going with treating yourself kindly on the inside and out.

5. Hydrate your skin

Most of us don't really do that, do we? Well, guess what? The sun ain't going nowhere. The sun has gotten Hercules strong and your skin might be suffering the consequences. Please start investing in good skin products that exfoliate your face and body. Choose body soaps that will leave your skin feeling like a baby's butt...ahem Urbanized. And please, for the love of love, please use sun-block.

6.  Choose ethical brands

This is the year to become a 'real customer.' Ask yourself where your food, beauty products, electronics, basically-everything comes from. It makes a REAL difference when you learn the ugly truth about your beloved XYZ Shampoo. I mean, let's get real here. Most of us buy certain items cuz' they're cheap and not necessarily good for our skin/life/earth. I promise you that it will make a huge, huuuuuuge difference. 

7.  Read Labels

Are products transparent with their labels? I don't know about you but I like to understand what I am reading vs. having to google every ingredient. 

8. Learn new recipes

Broccoli rice, anyone?

What are your 2018-May resolutions?