How to Make Our All Natural, Sustainable, and Handmade Coffee Soap

When it comes to making our soap, we aren't reinventing the wheel. However, it can feel that way when looking at the ingredients list of the average soap you find in your local convenience store. We use only 7 ingredients: Saponified (or lye infused) olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, castor oil, sustainably and locally sourced recycled coffee grounds, cocoa butter, and vanilla extract. These all natural, organic, and vegan ingredients result in a luxuriously moisturizing and lathering soap that is gentle on the skin, while also providing pleasant exfoliation that is suitable for everyday use. Due to the simplicity and integrity of our ingredients and process, we are pleased to offer you will the recipe and instructions for our product.

Recipe for one batch of soap:

Base Oils:

  • 12 ounces of Olive oil

  • 9 ounces of Coconut oil

  • 5 ounces Canola oil

  • 1.5 ounces Castor oil

  • 5 ounces Cocoa Butter

Lye Solution:

  • 4.5 ounces lye (6% excess fat)

  • 10 ounces triple-strength coffee, cooled


  • 2 tablespoons coffee grounds, wet or dry


  • 4 ounces vanilla extract


  • Phase One: Getting Ready

  • Phase Two: Trace and Cook

  • Phase Three: Cool Down and Finish

  • Don't overheat the oils, it is good to have the lye solution and the oils at a similar temperature (something about 140/150F)

  • Measure and warm up your oils (We recommend microwaving the cocoa butter and coconut oils). It is also good to have your coffee grounds ready.

  • While waiting you can get all your tools and equipment organized and ready to be used.

  • Start by making the lye solution. That is pouring the 4.5 ounces of lye into the 10 ounces of 3x brewed coffee. Let it cool down for some solid 30 minutes. Remember to use proper precautions.

  • Pour the lye solution into the warm oils. Try not to splash.

  • Use a stick blender for about 1 minute, then add the coffee grounds.

  • Use the stick blender until a thick enough trace about 4 to 5 minutes (something like the mix between cornstarch and water).

  • Close lid and set your alarm clock to 45 minutes. The temperature should be set to low.

  • Cover the top of the crockpot with plastic wrap.

  • Now is a great time to clean all the equipment that you will no longer need, however, keep an eye on the batch in order to avoid the infamous soap volcano.

  • After the soap is ready, let it cool down for about 30 to 40 minutes until the temperature is below 175 F (80 C). It can be lower, but not higher.

  • While it cools down check on and mix the soap in order to have it cool faster.

  • Once it is at a good temperature, add the vanilla extract and mix well.

  • Pour the soaps into the mold(s)

  • Let the soap rest for 24 hours before you take it out of the mold.

Voila... you're done. Our soap is so natural that you can make it at home!

Below is a video of us completing the process.