The Urbanized Culture Code


We are trendsetters running an awesome lifestyle company. We should have fun while achieving our mission and be sure that in the ups and downs, we'll get there.


There is no hierarchy in this company. All ideas are merit based. Everyone is encouraged to speak freely and contribute. 

Fail fast and learn from mistakes!

Even though we are taking on calculated risks and make educated decisions, no one is perfect, we make mistakes. Therefore, we do not punish people for making mistakes, we rather take the approach of learning from them, so that we can come out ahead from that learning. Mistakes are not inherently bad, they are actually enriching as long as we learn from the experience collectively. 

"The only sure way to avoid making mistakes is to have no new ideas."

- Albert Einstein

Supportive & Collaborative

Our culture is collaborative in nature. We are all encouraged to help with each other's success and give each other credit for their awesome contributions. 

Only expect excellence from each other

If we are to achieve our vision, only the best work is good enough. Nothing less. That said, team members that only give their best every day will be rewarded. 

Be humble & listen

Be open minded and be attentive of what people have to say. 

Stay hungry & stay focused on the Vision

We truly applaud reaching milestones! We wouldn't be where we are if we didn't reach new heights. Let's celebrate and go on to achieving our vision of repurposing all waste. Looking back we'll be in the books and tales of glory.


You can leave your fancy dress or suit at the cleaners. No need to impress each other with a century old uniform. Come as you are and express yourself in whichever way you want.

Give Constructive Feedback

Urbanized makes wonderful products that help people and the environment. At the core, Urbanized will reach its Vision if we are all open and candid with each other. Our ecosystem is like a flower that needs the right elements in order to grow and flourish. The feedback that we give all Urbanized family members is to enable them and the company, the flowers, to grow and flourish in the ecosystem. 

Innovate. Just do it!

If you, or you and colleagues find that the company is lagging in some areas, there is room for improvement, or you would like to create the world's coolest products and Just Do It


Have you ever been in a social gathering and people start telling you about the GHQ project their company is working on in their MPP department which is part of the RST division in collaboration with the HQQ team and when asking what those mean you've already forgotten them upon leaving the conversation? Abbreviations are meaningless and take people way too long to remember, and cannot be shared in general with people outside of your organization. Name projects people can understand and make sense to everyone. 

Child & Pet friendly

Why leave that which you hold dearest alone at home or with someone you barely know? So it happens that when people go to work and leave a child or pet at home, people's stress increases because they have no idea how the child or pet is doing. So, as long as the dog is sociable and your child has his/her own set of entertainment, by all means, bring them to work! 

Work life balance

We get it, there are times that you are down with a cold or just feel like working from your sofa with a nice hot chocolate in hand, or need to work on a few errands around the house. Been there, done that! We don't work around the 9AM - 5PM policy. We'll leave that to the bureaucrats. It is very often the case that people get to their offices at 9AM sharp to browse the internet on non related work, terribly unproductive. Our policy is that we have collaboration tools that allow us to work from whichever time and place suits you as long as you are a productive member of the group and helping achieve the company's mission.

Names of titles

When placing titles to Urbanized team members, make them less conventional and more purposeful. For example, instead of Sales Manager, better to name the person Partnership Director. Instead of Social Media Analyst, better Community Outreach. Instead of Design Manager, better Creative Director, etc, etc.

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